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A Commitment to Transformative Governance in West Virginia

Welcome to the core of Mary Ann Claytor's campaign for West Virginia State Auditor 2024. Here, we outline our commitment to integrity, efficiency, and accountability - values that drive our vision for a better West Virginia. Join us as we delve into the key issues and innovative solutions that Mary Ann Claytor champions.



Mary Ann Claytor believes in an open, accessible government. Her plan includes:

  • Enhancing the state's transparency website for greater public insight.

  • Implementing regular, detailed reporting on state expenditures.

  • Establishing a more interactive platform for citizen feedback and engagement.

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Fiscal responsibility is at the heart of our campaign. Mary Ann's approach focuses on:

  • Conducting thorough audits to identify and eliminate wasteful spending.

  • Streamlining state financial practices for greater efficiency.

  • Collaborating with various departments to ensure responsible budgeting.


Mary Ann is dedicated to improving these critical sectors through:

  • Auditing education spending to enhance student outcomes.

  • Ensuring healthcare funds are effectively improving public health.

  • Proposing policy changes based on audit results to maximize impact.


A Proven Leader in the 2024 WV State Auditor Race

In the 2024 race for West Virginia State Auditor, Mary Ann Claytor stands out with her 20+ years of experience in governmental auditing. Her approach is a blend of tradition and innovation - applying data analytics to bring depth and insight to state audits. This method not only promotes fiscal responsibility but also ensures that community needs drive every decision.

Mary Ann's vision is to make the State Auditor’s office a beacon of efficiency and integrity for West Virginia. She prioritizes listening to and acting upon the feedback of West Virginians, ensuring her policies are rooted in the real-world needs of the state’s citizens. It’s this combination of experience, modernization, and community focus that makes Mary Ann Claytor the ideal candidate for State Auditor in 2024.

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