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Mary Ann Claytor 2024: Pioneering State Auditor Role with Data-Driven Accountability in WV

Mary Ann Claytor for State Auditor with logo of magnifying glass inspecting the state of West Virginia

As we look towards the future of West Virginia, it is time for a candid conversation about what is at stake and how we, together, can make a transformative impact. My name is Mary Ann Claytor, and I am running for State Auditor with a clear vision and a promise to you: to redefine what it means to hold this office and how it serves every citizen of our state.

First things first, we need to get our house in order. Up-to-date audits are non-negotiable. Under my watch, there will be no lagging behind. We will use the latest technology and methodologies to ensure that all financial records are current, accurate, and transparent. This is about accountability, about ensuring that every taxpayer dollar is accounted for and used effectively.

Transparency is more than just a buzzword in my campaign; it is a commitment to you, the people of West Virginia. As your State Auditor, I pledge to bring a new era of transparency and empowerment. Accountability starts at the top, and I intend to lead by example. This means regular, direct reporting to you. I pledge to update you on what we are doing, what we have found, and how we are making government work better for you. Bi-weekly addresses to the citizens of WV will be standard practice. It is about building a real relationship between the auditor's office and the citizens we serve.

To ensure this commitment to transparency is accessible to all, I will deliver these bi-weekly updates through various mediums, including live streams on social media platforms, detailed press releases, and interactive public forums. This multi-channel approach guarantees that no matter where you are in West Virginia, you will have access to this vital information in a format that suits you.

These updates will not only keep you informed but also ensure that our office remains accountable to the very people we represent. It is time to bridge the gap between government and citizens, ensuring that you are always in the loop about how your hard-earned tax dollars are being utilized.

But my vision for the State Auditor's office goes beyond just keeping the books in order. Audit the State is about harnessing the power of data analytics to really dive into how our state operates. I am not content just looking at spreadsheets; I want to look at what overlooked or missed data can mean for you, the people of West Virginia.

In envisioning the future of the State Auditor's office in West Virginia, we stand at the cusp of a revolution – one that redefines accountability and transparency at the state level. But to truly revolutionize what it means to be a State Auditor, we acknowledge the need for expanded authority.

Our mission with Audit the State is ambitious. To bring this vision to life, it is not just about utilizing the tools and technologies we have; it's about pushing for the legislative authority to fully employ these resources. This means advocating for changes that will allow the State Auditor's office to delve deeper into data analytics and operational analysis, beyond the traditional scope of financial audits.

Imagine a future where we will look at education spending and understand how it truly impacts student outcomes. We will scrutinize infrastructure projects to ensure they are not just costly undertakings but real investments in our communities. And when it comes to healthcare, we are going to make sure that every dollar spent is bringing us closer to a healthier West Virginia.

This is not about stepping beyond our bounds; it is about fulfilling our duty to you in every way we can. We have the tools and the technology to make this happen. We have the opportunity to set a new precedent, not just for West Virginia but for how state auditing can function as a cornerstone of transparent, responsible governance.

To truly empower the State Auditor's office, specific legislative changes are essential. For example, expanding the authority to include operational audits of state-funded programs would enable us to not just assess financial compliance but also evaluate the effectiveness of these programs. Another legislative change could involve granting the office access to a broader range of data sources, allowing for more comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Embarking on this path won't be without challenges. We anticipate resistance from those accustomed to the status quo and the need to navigate complex legislative processes. Our strategy involves building a coalition of supporters, both in the legislature and among the public, to advocate for these changes. We'll also engage in transparent and open dialogue to address concerns and demonstrate the long-term benefits of a more empowered Auditor's office.

To navigate the expected resistance, our strategy includes a robust public awareness campaign that will highlight the tangible benefits of an empowered State Auditor’s office. We'll also engage in targeted outreach to legislators, emphasizing the long-term fiscal and social benefits of our expanded role. Additionally, we plan to organize town hall meetings across the state to gather and incorporate public input, ensuring that our approach is not only legislative but also community-driven.

I am committed to leading the charge, to engage with legislators, stakeholders, and the public to redefine the role of the State Auditor. This is about setting a new standard for state governance, about establishing West Virginia as a leader in government efficiency and accountability.

Collaboration will be key to our success. We plan to work closely with other government agencies, educational institutions, and community organizations. These partnerships will not only provide us with valuable insights and data but also ensure that our efforts are aligned with the needs and priorities of West Virginians. By working together, we can create a synergistic effect, where the sum of our efforts is greater than the individual parts.

So, I ask you to join me. Support this vision of a more empowered State Auditor's office. With your backing, we can transform the landscape of state governance, ensuring that West Virginia is a place where government transparency and efficiency are not just ideals but everyday realities.

Together, let us champion this change, for a stronger, more accountable West Virginia


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