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Mary Ann Claytor Enters Auditors Race with Promise to "Audit the State."

Mary Ann Claytor and supporters at the WV Secretary of State's office filing Mary Ann's Paperwork for her State Auditor Candidacy
Mary Ann Claytor filing her candidacy for West Virginia State Auditor, accompanied by supporters and Democratic candidate for West Virginia Secretary of State Thornton Cooper.

Today marks a pivotal moment in West Virginia’s political landscape. With a spirit of determination and a commitment to serve, Mary Ann Claytor announces her candidacy for West Virginia State Auditor, heralding a new era of transparency and accountability.

In an inspiring demonstration of dedication to public service, Mary Ann Claytor has officially filed her candidacy for the State Auditor of West Virginia. This significant step, taken amidst the support of community members and advocates for good governance, marks her entry into the 2024 election race.

With an extensive background in the State Auditor's office spanning over two decades, Mary Ann is no stranger to the intricacies of state finance and governance. Her experience provides a robust foundation for her campaign, which focuses on harnessing advanced auditing practices and technology to enhance the office's efficiency and responsiveness to the needs of West Virginians.

"The journey to this day has been one of profound learning and engagement with the heart of our state - its people," Mary Ann shared. "Filing for candidacy is more

than a procedural step; it's a pledge to every citizen in our state that I am here to ensure our government is transparent, accountable, and efficient."

The Vision of 'Audit the State' Initiative

The cornerstone of Mary Ann's campaign is the "Audit the State" initiative. This forward-thinking plan aims to modernize the State Auditor's role by integrating advanced technological solutions and auditing practices. The initiative is designed to not only diagnose and address issues within state government operations but also to expand transparency and engage the public through detailed reporting.

"West Virginia is at a crossroads. We have the opportunity to redefine how our state handles its finances and governance. 'Audit the State' is about making sure our government is working effectively and accountably for its people," Mary Ann explained.

Mary Ann's commitment to public service is deeply personal. Having previously served in the State Auditor's office, she brings a unique insider's perspective to the challenges and opportunities facing West Virginia's financial management. Her campaign is a reflection of her belief in responsible governance and her dedication to the citizens of West Virginia.

In her past campaigns in 2016 and 2020, Mary Ann gained invaluable insights into the concerns of West Virginians. These experiences have sharpened her focus on issues such as government transparency, fiscal responsibility, and community engagement, which are now central to her platform.

Join Mary Ann Claytor in her journey to bring about a positive change in West Virginia. Learn more about her vision, the Audit the State initiative, and how you can contribute to a more transparent and accountable state governance at Your support, whether through volunteering, spreading the word, or engaging in community discussions, is vital.

As we move closer to the election, let's come together to support a candidate who stands for integrity, transparency, and the well-being of all West Virginians. With Mary Ann Claytor, we have a chance to shape a future that values every citizen’s voice in state governance.

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