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The Only Candidate Who:
  • Has performed financial and compliance audits for the Auditor’s Office

  • Has successfully run her own governmental accounting firm

  • Holds leaders from both parties accountable

  • Has an accounting degree


Join us in our mission to Audit the State!

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Friends of MAC WV
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Audit the State:

A Cornerstone of the 2024 West Virginia Auditor Race

​It's time for West Virginia to Audit the State and ignite a new era of transparent, accountable governance.

Led by veteran auditor Mary Ann Claytor, Audit the State is more than a 2024 campaign slogan. It's a call to action - a movement to reinvigorate civic participation and steer West Virginia towards a brighter fiscal future.

With over 22 years of experience, including a long tenure right here in the State Auditor's Office, Mary Ann has the expertise to champion rigorous, data-driven audits across all branches and levels of government.

Her vision? A West Virginia where citizens can clearly see how every dollar is spent through detailed reporting. Where nonpartisan oversight safeguards taxpayer funds from waste and misuse. And where integrity and transparency are fundamental principles of our democracy.

Rally behind Mary Ann Claytor, the only candidate ready to fully realize the promise of Audit the State. Join this grassroots movement today and step into the future - a West Virginia that leads by example in responsible governance.

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Mary Ann Claytor for WV State Auditor

This campaign, initiated with a clear vision for reforming state auditing practices, aims to revolutionize how the State Auditor's Office operates, ensuring it serves the best interests of all West Virginians. Mary Ann's leadership is marked by a steadfast commitment to ethical governance and a drive to bring about tangible, positive changes in how the state manages and audits its resources.

We invite you to join us in this journey towards creating a more accountable and transparent government in West Virginia. With Mary Ann Claytor at the helm, the campaign is more than just a political movement; it's a pathway to a better, more efficiently run state that prioritizes the needs and concerns of its citizens.

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Key Issues

At the heart of Mary Ann Claytor's campaign for West Virginia State Auditor are core causes that reflect her commitment to transforming governance through accountability, transparency, and innovation. Her vision, outlined in the comprehensive Audit the State initiative, focuses on ensuring that government operations serve the interests of all West Virginians. Here are three pivotal causes driving this transformative campaign:

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Modernizing Government Auditing

Pioneering the integration of data analytics for state auditing, ensuring efficiency and impactful use of West Virginia's finances.

Diverse group of people participating in town hall

Enhancing Transparency and Public Engagement

Revolutionizing state government transparency with regular updates and a user-friendly website, fostering trust and civic involvement in WV.

Inside of the WV Statehouse

Legislative Advocacy for Auditor's Office

Championing legislative changes to broaden the State Auditor's authority, enhancing program effectiveness and accountability in West Virginia governance.

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